Unique Heart Lily (50 seeds / pack)

Blue Heart Lily
Purple Heart Lily
Green Heart Lily
Yellow Heart Lily
Red Heart Lily
Pink Heart Lily
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For someone who love nurturing their own flowers, these Unique Heart Lilies are a special breed that give a dazzling combination of unusual colors when they bloom. Certainly, one that warms the heart of anyone who beholds it. This lily is an amazing kind of lily flower with an extraordinary ornamental value. 

The team at Insider Choices have spent a lot of effort to source these seeds for a customer that wanted to fulfill her father's wishes to see a Blue Heart Lily. We were very touched by it and were glad to be part of her mission. Seeing the joy it brought to the family, we just had to share it with all our customers!

Be it for yourself or as a gift to your close friends and family, these Lilies will definitely leave a mark in their lives for 2018!

NOTE*: Limited Stock. Will be discontinued once sold out.