Tea Tree Essential Oil


Dealing with Skin Ailments is no picnic. Either you have a few pimples or is dealing with outbreaks for years, the struggle is real – and one that feels like it has no true relief.


Tired of using useless Skin Care products? Our Scientifically-proven Tea Tree Oil was made for you.

Tea Tree Oil offers a blend of Natural components to provide relief to:

🌳 Pure Tea Tree Oil Components:

(with Clinical Evidence)

  • Antibacterials Excellent at quickly decreasing pimple size and skin bacteria. 
  • Anti-inflammatory Brightens Skin's appearance by soothing redness and irritated areas. 
  • Antioxidants Stimulates Wound Healing to mend stretch-marks and acne scarring.
  • Balancing agents stabilises oily skin production while hydrating dry spots. 

We are passionate about helping you find Beauty and quick relief from painful days - Experience the Benefits, it's just one click away

💧 EASY To Use: Mix 1 - 3 drops to your favourite moisturizer and apply over the chosen skin area, twice a day. Start with a few drops, increase as desired. Only meant for external use, not for babies or pets - highly concentrated natural oil.