Premium Ultrasonic LED Tooth Pick

Thoroughly clean your teeth and flash your amazing smile with this ultrasonic toothpick. It cleans hard to reach areas where plaque hides and gently whitens your teeth. This is an essential tool for oral care and disease prevention and treatment.

Safe to use with implants, crowns, veneers, and orthodontics.
Uses three thousand sonic vibrations per minute to removes stains, whitens teeth, and promote healthier gums.
Includes a LED light and the stainless steel scaler tip protects the enamel while cleaning it
Battery operated and portable so you can bring it anywhere.
Includes silicone flossing tip for improved blood circulation in your gum 

The Ultrasonic Tooth Pick will complete your dental regimen and help you get that confident smile. Have whiter, stronger teeth and healthier gums without spending hundreds in treatments! The user-friendly design makes it very convenient to use. Guaranteed to reduce that stubborn stain for a fresh and shiny smile.