Optical Zoom Telescope Camera Lens

Turn Your Mobile Phone to a DSLR Camera
100% Satisfaction Guaranteed 

What if I told you that you can turn your mobile phone camera into a DSLR? Don't worry it won't cost you hundreds of dollars. Introducing the 8X Zoom Telescope Lens made compatible for all smartphones and can help you get that professional quality photos at a fraction of the price!

A top seller for 2017, it's made of high quality material to ensure durability during your off-terrain shoots. Overcome the shortage of your phone camera that can only can take pictures of near-sighted, let vision clear representation of your eyes.

Made of lightweight grade material and easy to install just clip over your smartphone camera and boom! Instant DSLR quality camera lens on your phone, perfect for capturing beautiful landscape, Instagram or acts like a telescope!


  • 2017 New design for the 8X Zoom Lens
  • 8x Optical Zoom Telescope Camera Lens for all Mobile Phone
  • Instantly converts you mobile phone into a telescope
  • New design to run of rays effectively avoiding the contortion of image
  • Good for color reduction producing high quality photographs
  • Compatible with all smartphones