Light Saber Umbrella



Don’t let the dark rainy night dampen your mood. The LED Light Saber Light-Up Umbrella will surely keep you dry and cozy. This futuristic looking umbrella will protect you from the scorching heat during the day and dark forces during the night.


  • High quality tension spring that can withstand strong winds.
  • Made from white mesh premium quality material
  • 14mm strong and light fiberglass shaft sturdy enough for long-term use.
  • Built-in button to easily switch the saber light
  • Flashlight switch at the bottom of the shaft to light your way when it is too dark.
  • Very economical and uses (AAA) batteries

Let the force awaken and unleash your creative imagination. You can be Blade Runner or a Jedi with this cool and stylish umbrella. The 32 inches diameter and 40 inches long are big enough when walking in the rain with your partner in crime! Available in blue, black, and red color. Super cool and fully functional umbrella at a great price!