Futuristic Watch

Small Black
Big Black
Small Siver
Big Silver

Sleek, edgy and super stylish! This watch is surely eye-catching with its futuristic look. Crafted from high quality materials, this LED watch is waterproof up to 50 meters. Technologically advanced design and uses the binary system to read time.


  • The ultra-modern light weight design makes this watch very unique and interesting.
  • Very appealing digital interface. Its forward looking watch face has blinking LED lights to tell the time
  • It is so much fun to look at your watch every time you switch from standby mode to display mode 
  • Made from high quality craftsmanship and zinc alloy material
  • Durable and waterproof. Iit can handle water pressure up to 50 meters deep.
  • The extended rectangular curved design gives you a stylish and chic look.

Space age design, functionality, and elegance all rolled into one. This watch will make your friends curious and fascinated. Mentally stimulating every time you check the time. Take your geek to the next level and order now!