Aqua Paw: Premium Bathing & Scrubbing Glove

Give your pets a mini spa experience at home! You can now pamper your pets anytime with this new Pet bathing Tool and Massager. This is the perfect tool to turn bathing time into a lovable bonding time with your pet!

  • Multi-Functional. It combines grooming glove with a water sprayer. You can use it to brush hair after pet grooming and to bathe your pet.

  • Unique Design. Five finger design allows you to groom hard-to-reach places like face.

  • Provides relaxing and thorough clean. It will help you to brush away dirt, dander and loose hair from your pets easily.

  • Made from high quality and safe material. This is made of high elasticity silicone that can provide gentle relaxing massage to your dog

  • Fits multiple faucet sizes. It is easy to connect and comes with three faucet adapters that can fit different sink variations.

This multi-functional tool can help you bathe your pets and massage them at the same time. 
It can also help in maintaining the health and grooming of your pets since the water will go directly to your pets' skin. This will give them a thorough clean and help reduce the occurrence of skin disease. 
Provide your pet the comfort they deserve and make them love bath time even more!